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How to reach me

This is how we should (must?) communicate:


  1. phone / chat / skype — response immediate
  2. email — response speed ranges from few minutes to few days
TL;DR. Reach me on email if I’m not online, or busy.
THE BEST way to communicate is in person (face to face), second is video conference (G+ Hangout, Skype), where bandwidth is the widest, and we can communicate most information.  Then comes the good ol’ phone, where communication is not persistent, but is real-time.

Chat (IRC) is good enough for immediate communication that can be (near) real-time and is really nice to communicate data like URLs…  (try spelling URL of a i-can-haz-cat video to someone!)

Email is the best asynchronous communication channel for small number of people (small < 3) where data is preferred to be persistent and where one can communicate large amounts of information and/or multiple contexts. I read email frequently throughout the day (too often!) so you can expect response rather fast (less than an hour usually), but what I ask for is to be patient and leave me to process and reply all emails according to MY priorities.

Intention of this page is to let you, the visitor, know the protocol of communicating with me, thus helping us both have effective communication. Thanks for understanding.

DISCLAIMER: All this protocol thing is not applicable to friendly and private conversation I have with my closest friends and family members.

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